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Leverage Canadian law-students from Osgoode, University of Toronto, and Western to write original content for your online presence.


We are a community of students directed to explore, analyze, and report on the legal world in Canada. In the process, we create original content pieces ranging from marketing material explaining your service offering, answers to FAQs, or thought leadership papers on any given topic.




Loser-Pays System

“In Ontario and most other Canadian jurisdictions, the losing party in a legal action faces the possibility of being ordered to pay for some or all of the winning party’s legal costs and disbursements.”

Sotos LLP / Read Full Article

Fixed Costs / Flat-Fee / AFA

“…billing for legal services at a flat rate. In this billing method, the fee is determined and stipulated in the engagement letter, before the assignment even begins.”

Canadian Bar Association / Read Full Article

Personal INjury

“Most of the cases which we see are car accidents because obviously there are more cars on the road than other incidents where the person gets injured, but a person can be injured in [many ways]. ”

Law Society of Ontario / Read Full Article


Alternative DIspute REsolution

“Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. ADR typically includes… mediation, and arbitration.”

Legal Information Institute / Read Full Article


Practice Areas


Personal Injury & Medical MalPractice

Many potential clients in this field need to be empowered through educational content to recognize their legal rights as well as any wrong they have suffered. We help facilitate the way for these potential clients by proliferating educational pieces as well as compiling answers to FAQs.

Family Law

Life can be tough for these potential clients. They have lots of questions that they’d like answers to at the tip of their fingers — accessible anywhere, anytime. They may even be at a point in their lives where they would be considering hiring a family lawyer, but aren’t ready to take that step. Educate and empower them at a distance to create credibility, trust, and familiarity with these potential clients.

Criminal Law

This is where all the action happens. Not only are questions of criminal law and its implications highly searched, but the traffic resulting from it can be monetized to your advantage.

Employment Law

These potential clients have found themselves in a precarious situation and are in need of a trusted adviser to help them. They may be experiencing something at work, and have questions as to the legal implications of the actions of their employer. Google is an often used resource. Make sure you meet your clients wherever they are through content.