Personal Plight Law Firms: Hitting the Sweet Spot (Post #1)

In his book, Accessibility, Quality, and Profitability for Personal Plight Law Firms: Hitting the Sweet Spot, Noel Semple identifies, analyzes, and publicizes instances of sweet spot innovation in personal plight legal services. Personal plight legal needs arise when individuals encounter disputes with legal dimensions. Personal plight legal practice includes all legal services that respond to such needs. The personal plight quadrant of the legal practice map is the site of our worst access to justice problems and is in dire need of successful innovation.

Noel begins by identifying the distinguishing characteristics of personal plight needs, clients, and law firms. He then proposes three aspirations for personal plight legal practice: accessibility, service quality, and profitability – the “sweet spot”. The “Sweet Spot” is the happy situation where personal plight law firms combine all three of these attributes.

Follow this series of blog posts as we explore the strategies Noel Semple discusses in his book for moving firms into the “sweet spot.”

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