Brampton Courthouse remains “grossly undersized to accommodate the people of Peel region"

Not having enough office space and hearing rooms in Brampton Courthouse is a straight up access to justice issue.  Justice Peter Daley, a regional senior judge points out that due to lack of hearing rooms and office spaces in Brampton Courthouse, there are “very real and unacceptable delays in the hearing of all matters in Brampton

Justice Peter Daley is reasonably concerned about the situation at the Brampton Courthouse. Most of the individuals with cases at the courthouse are already stressed and anxious. They have limited knowledge about the Canadian legal landscape and have limited financial resources as well. Even after spending thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer and making it to the court, these individuals may have to wait for a longer period of time due to lack of hearing rooms. If this problem is not solved in the upcoming year we can expect cases being ignored or wrongful convictions because witnesses might be not able to present their evidence due to limited office space. Daniel Brown, a criminal defence lawyer further stresses that “Crown’s case will fall apart because they aren’t able to secure witnesses who were unable to travel these significant distances” 

Justice Peter Daley expresses his frustration with regards to the matter in the following words:

The Ontario government — past and present — is either willfully blind to the erosion of trust caused by its failure to take timely steps to address the facilities crisis in Brampton, or it believes that spending on this courthouse will not result in more votes” 

Either way, the government’s inaction is unconscionable and inconsistent with its obligations to the public in Peel region

In order to achieve access to justice, there should be more courtroom space and more spaces for judges so that they can draft judgments and preside over the cases, and they simply have the resources that they need. If this problem persists, the public will lose their confidence in the Canadian justice system. Ronald Bohm, senior litigation counsel at SBMB Law and president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association also states:

Ensuring that our courts are provided with sufficient personnel and facilities to perform their important role in our free and democratic society is an integral and essential component of real access to justice.”

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Rabeea KhalidComment