Jasmine Daya's Interview on NewsTalk: Point-form Summary


  • Cases where people don’t realize that the claim falls into the realm and expertise of a Personal injury lawyer

    • Something as simple as incurring an injury opening the door of the jewelry store

    • Any injury that caused damage and put you out of work

  • Ontario as a Limitation period to sue of only 2 years from the date of injury.

    • Seek medical and legal assistance as soon as possible

  • No one likes to sue people whether they are neighbours, their favorite local store or a shop that they often visit, or their gym. But in a injury claim, you don’t go after them personally, you go after their insurance company. So, make sure they have insurance.

  • Problem: No funds. No income. How do you live for the duration of the case?

    • There is something called advanced payments, although Jasmine admits that it has never happened in her years of practice.

  • Reasons to call or visit a personal injury lawyer in the event that you believe you have a case

    • Consultations are free

    • Advancing your claim is on a contingency fee: you don’t pay unless you win or settle

  • When lawyers push you to settle, you need to know that you sign a full and final release. What this means is that in the event that you experience further injuries as a result of the initial injury, you cannot pursue the defence party again.

  • If you feel that your lawyer pushed you to settle without adequately explaining the consequences or what you forgo if you sign the full and final release paper, you could pursue the lawyer and sue them for negligence.

  • In auto insurance, there’s death benefit available for the family of the deceased. This covers funeral costs.

  • If insurance doctors find that you can go back to work, they cut you off the long-term disability income

  • If the insurance company requests that you see their a health professional of their choosing, you must attend those assessments or you will be found to be in non-compliance. You can balance the professional opinion by visiting your own doctors so you can counter what insurance doctors are claiming.  

  • Insurance company hires surveillance agents to debunk your story.