British Columbia Reduces The Use of Experts in Accident Lawsuit

In the past 5 years, accident injury claims have increased 43% in British Columbia. This leads to an influx in the number of cases in court. It’s in the public interest to have these cases dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Cases involving injury always need expert opinion. With both sides submitting multiple reports from multiple experts, cases can often be delayed and result in greater expenses taking away from the plaintiffs’ awards.

B.C. Attorney General David Eby says “It doesn’t advance any interest to have six-plus adversarial experts on a claim. It doesn’t advance any interest to have a $50,000 expense to resolve a $100,000 claim.”

THE B.C. Supreme Court has set a limit on the number of experts to be used in cases involving injury from accidents. Parties in injury claims cases are not limited to one expert and one report for claims of less than $100,00. Cases above $100,000 are limited to three experts and three reports. 

RAJ SAHOTA, a personal injury lawyer in BC commented: “I think these changes now are good for the system and good for this particular (practice) within personal injury litigation.”

These actions do have precedence in other common wealth justice systems. Australia and the United Kingdom have much tougher restrictions on the use of experts and expert reports.

 The changes start immediately on motor vehicle accident claims.