Clinton Lee: Making Pro Bono Work Mandatory in B.C Might Not Be The Best Solution To Solve Access to Justice Issues.

Clinton Lee is a partner, lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent at Nexus Law Group LLP (intellectual property law firm) located in Vancouver, Canada. We reached out to him a few days ago to see what he had to say about some of the access to justice issues in Intellectual Property Law and British Columbia. While he did say that young lawyers should contribute to the society, he did not think that forcing lawyers to work Pro Bono is a practical solution to solve access to justice issues.

Mr. Lee pointed out that our society is clearly struggling with access to justice issues. Young lawyers should think about helping the most vulnerable people and contribute back to society. He further added that access to justice means looking out for most vulnerable people in the society.

However, Mr. Lee stated that making Pro Bono mandatory in British Columbia is not a practical solution to solving access to justice issues. It would be relatively easy for some lawyers who practice family law or criminal law to provide pro bono services but that does not apply to all lawyers. There are many lawyers who do not work in and have little or no knowledge of, any of the areas of service offered by Legal Aid. It would be unreasonable to force an inexperienced lawyer into an area of law about which they have no knowledge.

Mr. Lee also stated that pro bono work will help the vulnerable people only if the lawyers are passionate about it. Lawyers must not be forced to do something that they are not comfortable with.

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Rabeea Khalid