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How do We Achieve Access to Justice?

March 2018

Current strategies in use in the UK and the US [include] community advice bureaus, non-lawyer forms of assistance, and legal insurance plans... “There is no silver bullet. ” - Chief Justice Mclachlin

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We are a community of students directed to explore and analyze the layout of the legal system in Canada. While engaging in on-going discussions with all stakeholders, we hope to bring to light some strategies and potential solutions to solving the major barrier to accessing justice: the cost of justice. With your help, contributions, and engagement, we ultimately aim to advocate for a solution aligned with the voice of the people.




Loser-Pays System

“In Ontario and most other Canadian jurisdictions, the losing party in a legal action faces the possibility of being ordered to pay for some or all of the winning party’s legal costs and disbursements.”

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Fixed Costs / Flat-Fee / AFA

“…billing for legal services at a flat rate. In this billing method, the fee is determined and stipulated in the engagement letter, before the assignment even begins.”

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Access to Justice

“…access to justice encompasses the need to advocate for people who cannot afford lawyers, but also focuses on the inadequacies and limitations of the legal aid system… [It includes calling] for holistic solutions to legal problems .”

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Alternative DIspute REsolution

“Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. ADR typically includes… mediation, and arbitration.”

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Get Involved

We are actively looking for contributors to become part of our community as we explore the world of legal-cost insurance and its application here in Canada. Topics include access to justice, Alternative fee arrangements, loser-pays system and its affects on justice, and policy considerations in regards to legal-cost insurance. If you’re interested, or have a piece you’d like to publish, reach out to us now!



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If you have any input you’d like to make on a topic, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you all stakeholders involved in the Canadian justice system.